T H E _ S K A T E _ B O Y S _ O F _ F A V E R S H A M _ T O W N

Welcome to the true story of how Faversham provided the entire National Rink Hockey Team that won the European Cup of Nations in 1930. The story is told through the words of Perc Monk, one of the members of that successful team. Geoff Sandiford has composed a series of songs, accompanied by historic photographs as a tribute to honour the amazing achievement of this team from this small town. The songs were performed live at the first Faversham Literary Festival in February 2018 accompanied by the band of five musicians, with the historic photographs projected behind them. The band members are: Geoff Sandiford on vocals and guitar, Dominic Abrams on guitar, Dominic Sandiford on drums and percussion, Pip Ives on concertina, mandolin and banjo, and Martin Long on guitar, cittern and as the voice of Perc Monk.

You can now experience this live performance for yourself by purchasing the DVD, which brings to life the historic photographs through music and narration. Also included is a studio recorded CD of all the songs.

L I V E _ P E R F O R M A N C E _ D V D _ I N C L U D I N G _ S T U D I O _ A L B U M _ C D _-_ O U T _N O W !

Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase your copy today. £15.00 each, including postage.

Alternatively, they can be purchased from the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre or Top Hat and Tales, both in Faversham.

BAFTA-nominated TV and film director and writer, Mark Nunneley is interested in making a film about The Skate Boys of Faversham Town story. If you have any relations of the team, knew any of the players or would like to send us an email, please do. We would love to hear form you! Alternatively, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page.

W H E R E _ D I D _ I T _ A L L _ B E G I N ?

When Geoff Sandiford was a young man, he moved to Faversham. While enjoying a pint at the Mechanics Arms pub, he got chatting to the bar maid, Sue Monk, who introduced her Father, Perc Monk, as a winner of the European Cup of Nations in roller hockey. Thirty years later in 2015, Geoff bought a lino cut of Faversham, which featured a roller hockey player. The artist, Hugh Ribbans, asked Geoff if he knew the story behind the figure, which to his surprise he did! They agreed this was a story that needed to be told. So Geoff, a musician, wrote the musical: "The Skate Boys of Faversham Town."

Dominic Sandiford filmed Geoff as he played all the parts of the songs and integrated them into a series of videos. Dominic used Sue Monk's historic photographs to help illustrate the story. To see more of Dominic's creations, return to the home page.

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