"Our Beautiful Town" - The legacy of the Faversham Society is a musical presentation by Geoff Sandiford, tracing the fight to save Faversham from the destructive planners of the 1960s.

The musical presentation is performed by a live acoustic band. It features: Geoff Sandiford on lead vocals, guitar, banjo and ukulele, Dominic Abrams on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals, Dominic Sandiford on drums, percussion and backing vocals and Al Clark on harmonica, backing vocals and narration. Projected behind the band is a visual presentation that displays historic photographs from that era, along with the lyrics for the audience to read and sing along with. Jeanie Sandiford operates the slideshow.

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The premiere took place on Friday 29th November 2019 at the Gospel Mission Church in Tanner Street, Faversham. Thank you to all those that attended. Our retiring collection raised £342 for the Faversham Food Bank.


On January 14th, 15th and 16th 2020, "Our Beautiful Town" played three sell out performances in Faversham. The first event took place in the prestigious Guild Hall and the other two performances took place in the Fleur Hall, which is at the back of the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre. For photographs and updates of the events, please refer to our Facebook page.

On February 2nd 2020, "Our Beautiful Town" is performing a special matinee performance at the Faversham Gospel Hall. Tickets available from the Faversham Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre for £5 each.


The town of Faversham has an incredible history. In the 12th century, King Stephen, the grandson of William the Conqueror, chose the bustling port of Faversham to site a massive Abbey, where he would later be interred.

Arden's House in Abbey Street was the gatehouse to the Abbey. But by the 1950s this once grand street was in a sorry state of repair and, to quote a local councillor, "in need of a bloody good fire"! The renovation of Arden's house and the rest of Abbey Street in the late fifties were inspired by the town clerk Fred Bishop and architect David Nye.

The founding of The Faversham Society was prompted by the insensitive development of the sixties planners which threatened the historic town. The Society met in the Guild Hall on 17th October 1962 with one hundred and fifty townspeople in attendance.

Geoff Sandiford's inspiration for writing this musical presentation came from Christine Rayner's book "50 Years of the Faversham Society". The musical presentation describes how the Faversham Society fought against plans that would have demolished many parts of this medieval town. The concept of a "conservation area" was developed from conversations in Arden's house between Arthur Percival, Jim Doak and Fred Bishop. This was to be an integral part of the Civic Amenities Act of 1967, which would help protect buildings of historical interest across the whole country.


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