Dominic Sandiford is a multimedia professional specialising in video production and photography. Dominic recently embarked on a project with his father, Geoff Sandiford, in the musical presentation The Skate Boys of Faversham of Town in which Dominic was the Director of Photography, Editor, Producer and DVD Author. He also designed the layout of the packaging, the marketing materials and manages the Facebook page. Both Geoff and Dominic recorded and mixed the studio CD album and also feature in the DVD and CD as musicians.

V I D E O _ P R O D U C T I O N

Dominic Sandiford has produced a varied range of videos over the years. Featured examples of live music videos, higher education videos and drifting motorsport videos are displayed below. To see more of the videos Dominic has produced, please refer to his YouTube channel and Facebook page. Alternatively click on the playlists links below.

L I V E _ M U S I C _ V I D E O S

The Live Music playlist consists of music performances Dominic Sandiford has filmed, edited and produced largely using professionally recorded and mixed audio by his father, Geoff Sandiford.

H I G H E R _ E D U C A T I O N _ V I D E O S

Dominic Sandiford has worked as a Video Producer, Photographer and Web Publisher for the University of Kent in a number of departments, mainly the School of Psychology. For further videos see the Higher Education playlist on his YouTube channel.

D R I F T I N G _ M O T O R S P O R T _ V I D E O S


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